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Avoid these barriers to online business success.

While there are probably many barriers to online business success, in this post I will deal with what I think are in the top 4. These are not necessarily in order, but all of them should be considered if you plan to have success in building your online business.

Failure to Plan.  I have to consider this as top of the list of the barriers to online business success.  Everyone has heard the saying, “if you don’t plan to succeed you plan to fail.” This is a true statement for anything you set out to do. You must have a clear plan. Planning helps to give you direction. It helps you to prioritize. It also helps you to reach your goals much faster and with less frustration.

Lack of focus is definitely among the barriers to building a successful online business.  I have to say this because there is so much stuff on the internet to distract a person. I speak from experience when I say this, because I have been a victim of information overload on a few occasions.

It is best to follow one course until successful or until it proves to be the wrong course. When you are just starting out on line, you may get on a course that looks like it is taking you where you want to go. If you realize that you have made a wrong choice, don’t be too proud to admit it and get off!

Get off of the wrong course immediately if you want any chance of having online business success

Focus on one or two strategies

Trying to use too many marketing strategies at one time is a huge mistake.  If you really want to avoid the agony of being super frustrated and avoid running into this barrier to online success, then you should pick one and maybe two marketing strategies and master them before adding a third one. Being a jack of all trades and a master of none is certain to kill your chances of being successful online.

When I say master them, I mean work them until they are working for you—producing cash flow. Until then you are not ready to take on another strategy.

The next on the list of barriers to online business success is the absence of a proven online marketing system.

Systems are always great but they are not all created equal. A good system will contain these elements: an inexpensive upfront offer, a high converting sales page and compelling opt in page and of course a “can’t do without” upsell offer. External to the system you must have an autoresponder in place so that you can connect immediately with your leads and prospects. These are just the basics of course, but is enough to get you started.

If you can find a system that has all of the above mentioned pieces, you have a great chance at avoiding the common barriers to online success. Even better than that, if you can find one that has training and step by step instructions and good leadership, your chances improve even more. This way you have kind of a “one stop” system and this will lessen your tendency to get caught up with other stuff.

Look for a system that is generic enough so it is a fit for anything you may want to do online.  Click here to see what thousands of successful marketers are using right now to make thousands of $$$ every month! Granted I’m not making you any promises because I don’t know if you are an action taker or tire kicker.

After all, everybody knows the best way to avoid these and other barriers to online business success is to do exactly what successful online marketers are doing.

Check out this video if you are looking to have success in building your business online or even bringing your current brick and mortar online to get some real exposure. Follow what it tells you to do.

To your massive success,

Janet S. Green, the 50+ Entrepreneur

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