Hey there and thanks for checking out my blog.

Who am I? I am the 50+ Online Marketer. However, I used to be a computer applications teacher/asst. professor for a college in Denver where I trained and prepared secretaries for employment. I love to train and teach.

I no longer teach people to go get jobs. I have a passion to help develop entrepreneurs. I believe you can live a life of unlimited possibilities only if you are tapped into your real purpose for being on this planet.

For many of us that it is not working a job…it really is in establishing our own businesses and finding our own voice in the marketplace.

Whether you are building a network marketing, affiliate marketing or even a traditional business, I can help take you to the next level.

I’ve been a teacher/trainer for over 20 years and home based business owner for over a decade. I came online in 2009 and discovered a better way to build business.

I am connected to a massive community of successful entrepreneurs and great mentors that have helped to change my life and I’m on a mission to do the same thing for you by connecting you with them and to some of the most powerful marketing training on the internet. Face it…you can’t build a successful business of any kind if you don’t know how to market properly to get exposure to your brand.

So, I hope we can connect soon so I can help you get started on your journey to discovering your true potential and walking in your God-given purpose.

Let’s connect…only if you are ready.