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5 Things That Make a Great Website

So you just started a business, but do you know the things that make a great website? That’s what you are going to discover in this post.

How to Become a Social Media Expert Melinda Emerson

Is becoming a social media expert a goal of yours? I don’t mean becoming a master of every social media platform. I’m talking about learning how to develop ninja skills in the social media platform that is best used to connect with your particular target market.

2 Powerful Commencement Exercise Speeches By Famous People Videos

I never really have enjoyed most commencement speeches that I’ve had to sit through, but these are powerful.

There are certain times, especially transitional times, in our lives when it is very important to have the right person say the right words to push you into that next place.

The Four Mindsets of an Entrepreneur Michael Gerber

So you want to be a business owner, but do you possess the four mindsets of an entrepreneur? Michael Gerber breaks them down in this video.

Top 10 Rules for Success from Michael Jordan

Here’s another top 10 Rules for Success, but this time from basketball’s great, Michael Jordan.

Financial Freedom Tips The Difference Between Mindset and Self-Image

It’s time for financial freedom tips from Tracey Walker. This is Episode #2 and a continuation from last Friday’s blog. Do you know the difference between “mindset” and “self image”?

Video Reveals The Smart System You are Missing that is

Keeping You From Earning Income Online

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