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Equipping Boomers to build prosperous home based businesses and live their dream lives.

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Baby Boomer’s Resource Guide to Protect Yourself from Scams

This is the season to really be watchful and protect yourself from scams. Unfortunately, there are lots of unethical scum bags in this world. They prey on the elderly and unsuspecting citizens in our communities.

Lessons Learned from the Top 10 Weirdest Looking Animals

Why would I write about the top 10 weirdest animals? They have a story to tell.
First of all they caught my attention. They stood out among what is considered a normal looking animal. They were so unique I couldn’t help but notice.

The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Speech You Were Never Supposed To Hear

This speech was delivered by Jonathan Cahn, author of the best-selling book “The Harbinger,” Jan. 21, 2013, the morning of Barack Obama’s second presidential inauguration, at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast.

Use Your Brain to Build Good Habits

Did you know there is an actual science that teaches you how to use your brain to build good habits? I’m amazed at some of the things people have discovered about this brain and human body.

4 Steps to Manifest Your Biggest Dreams This Year

Are you one of those people who is wondering how to manifest your biggest dreams? Are you looking around you at people in your life and wonder why many of them have manifested their dreams and you are struggling to make anything happen?

9 Questions That Will Expose Unhealthy Attitudes about Money

Did you realize that tons of people struggle with unhealthy attitudes about money? Maybe you are one of them.

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